Advice for the Ideal Principal Bedroom

Photography by Steve Carroll

A primary or principal bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the home. For some, it’s a refuge from the hectic world of life.  For others, it’s a multi-purpose room that includes an office, a place for jumping and snuggling with children, not to mention a place for sleeping. For others, the bedroom is all about sex appeal. Before you design your dream bedroom (pun intended) figure out what you really need and want for this room. Is it active or quiet or both?  The image in the photo above was designed for a bachelor.  The telescope was set up to look out at Boston Harbor, and at the stars at night.  The room feels both cozy and sophisticated, with its simple bedding and quiet walls.  The loft is in what was originally a manufacturing space, so the multiple ceiling beams were to hold heavy machinery loads.  Now, we can admire the detail, and think about a restful evening (or not!). 

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