The designers at Leslie Saul & Associates understand that light is perhaps the most important design element in establishing a mood in an interior. Light actually affects our emotions and energy levels.

Leslie Saul works closely with clients to discover not only the image an interior is intended to convey, but also the actual function and level of activity the room is intended to support.

And office space designed to create a cheerful, energetic and creative environment will, of course, tend to be brighter, while more subdued lighting is called for to create feelings of comfort and security to balance more stressful activities.

Of course, more goes into the lighting design of a room than merely, say, including some tracking lighting and moving on. The materials, textures and colors of the room must work with the lighting choices. In one environment shiny surfaces can add a delightful, sparkling accents, while in another too much shine can create an uncomfortable dissonance.

Leslie Saul and her designers have the experience and sensitivity to combine creative lighting with all the other elements of good design to create a comfortable and expressive interior that supports what you do. Please give them a call at 888-488-2895 so they can start on your next design project.​​

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