How to Pick The Best Commercial Interior Designers

A competent business interior architects Miami may assist you in creating a
stylish and professional feel in a commercial space by designing the
interior. In addition to boosting employee productivity, well-designed
commercial or office interiors can also boost performance. Whether you’re
remodelling an existing business space or moving into a new building, the
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Lumping and Splitting

Combined Jewish Philanthropies; Photography by Elisif Brandon


I was fascinated by an article titled “Head Space” by James Somers, in the December 6, 2021 issue of The New Yorker (yes, I’m a bit behind in my reading). Somers spends a lot of time talking with Ken Norman, Chair of the Psychology Department at Princeton University, as he learns more about thought decoding. Norman describes the way his former student, Sam Gershman, “likes using the terms ‘lumping’ and ‘splitting’ to describe how the mind’s meaning space evolves. When you encounter a new stimulus, do you lump it with a concept that is familiar, or do you split off a new concept?” I recognized this at once as central to my design process, to my understanding of the world, and to my approach to teaching architecture and interior design students. It even applies to learning Spanish!

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Equality and Justice is Everyone’s Responsibility.

My parents taught me that we must always stand against injustice. They believed that equality and justice are not the responsibility of a single community, they are everyone’s responsibility. As Jews, it was ingrained in us that protecting the rights of everyone would also protect the rights of Jews. My Dad was a proud card-carrying …