Commercial Interior Design Firms Boston and Miami

Workplace Design is about figuring out what the culture and brand is of a company or non-profit, and then designing a space that reflects the organization in an authentic way. Authenticity of design means that the right employees are attracted to work there and that the existing employees want to stay because there is a good match between what the company is all about and what the space looks like. A well-designed workplace enables employees to be engaged and to work at their best. Workplace Choice is about giving workers a choice of places in which to work, rather than force them to work in a cube, Dilbert style. Hopefully, those days are behind us. Our clients report that people work in all of the spaces that we have designed, including cubes, small booths/hotels, open huddle/collaboration spaces, small conference rooms, quiet library-style rooms, and social kitchen-type spaces. Workplace Choice leads to happy, engaged employees.

What do the best workplaces look like? How can a renovation architect transform a typical office space into a workplace that can attract new employees, retain existing employees and help all staff do the best job that they can do? We think that if you hire the right interior architects in Cambridge  area or the interior architects Miami from Leslie Saul & Associates, you will be halfway to a successful Workplace Design. Your interior architects, and renovation architects, and commercial interior design firm, will lead you in a process that will make it easy to design the ideal workplace for you and your team. Leslie Saul’s experience bringing large groups to consensus will help you define who your company or non-profit is, who you want to have work for you, and who you want to retain as your best employees. You will come to consensus about the look and feel of the new office and you will identify your authentic brand. This results in having the right workplace for your organization. Commercial Interior Design firms like Leslie Saul & Associates will guide you from what you know to what the office can be, the Workplace Design of your dreams.

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