How to Create the Perfect Foyer for Your Dream Home

Anton Grassl

      1. Respect and enhance the building architecture
      2. Don’t be afraid of color
      3. If you can make a foyer into a place rather than just a walk-through space, by adding seating for example, it will serve you really well when you host a gathering

In this photo, the architect of the original house was McKim Mead and White.  It was built in the late nineteenth century.  We wanted to respect and enhance the original architecture, while avoiding an antique, fuddy-duddy feel. This inspired the color.  Our color selection was not authentic to the original, so this foyer doesn’t look the way it may have been in the 1890’s, but you may agree that it looks great in the 2020’s.  Not bad for a 130-year-old building!

If you love mixing old and new the way we do, give us a call, text, or email.  Let’s have fun making great spaces together.

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