I’m a curious person by nature. Curious people, by definition, like to learn new things. According to the astronaut/scientist and MIT professor Jeff Hoffman who was interviewed on today’s WGBH Curiosity Desk article, human beings are natural explorers – from the time we are able to crawl, we seek out new places and new experiences. Perhaps our desire to learn and experience new things pushes us to renovate our offices, retail stores, restaurants, homes, and learning spaces. As architects and interior designers, we appreciate this human desire for the new and for change. It keeps us in business! But more than that, it keeps us learning (and not just for the continuing ed credits that enable us to keep our professional licenses). There is so much to learn.

I have been working in this field since 1978, a mere forty years. Obviously, the world has changed so much over the past forty years – and not just technologically. We have learned to adapt quickly to change. We embrace change, while never losing the good ideas, things or styles of the past. Our ability to synthesize, adapt, improve, mash-up and be inspired by others past and present has kept us in a state of constant exploration, discovery and learning, a place in which I am not only comfortable, but also in which I am energized.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it also may have saved lives, as scientists make new discoveries – in the lab and in outer space. In our humble role as architect and interior designer, we have learned to be a better guide for our clients, as we lead their journey of renewal of their built environment. We may not save lives – but we certainly can make life a bit better.

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