Design for Aging

Photography by Elisif Brandon


All older people are NOT the same! When a wild and crazy, full-of-life adult gets old, they are basically still the same! The introverts don’t suddenly become extroverts or vice versa. An adult who cares about fashion doesn’t suddenly become frumpy because they are over 65 years old. The frumpy adults don’t suddenly get fashionable. (Although I do admit that when my wonderful, but frumpy, Aunt Martha became a widow in the 1960’s, she decided to wear stylish Mumu’s and learn to drive – and yet she continued to be a great traditional baker.) Most people, other than Aunt Martha who blossomed in old age, become more of what they have already been all their lives. That said, most of the young boomers have been active and engaged throughout their lives – from anti-war protests in the late 1960’s to pro-choice rallies in the 2020’s. Boomers did solar projects, both active and passive, in the 1970’s, when oil & gas prices were so cheap that no one was interested. Now, we want to live in a place that doesn’t harm the environment.


So let’s stop thinking of aging as one thing. Let’s read the AARP articles magazine about the many seniors who started businesses in their 60’s, linked here.


As a representative of the now, hard-to-believe, aging boomers, we want to live in a place that offers choices. I can say with authority that choices mean that not every room has to have the same look and feel like a branded hotel. We can choose to enjoy a quiet read by the fireplace, an art-making studio, or a music making room with a drum kit available! We want to eat when we’re hungry, and not just at 5pm. We want communal coffee bars, and elegant cocktail bars, and casual breakfast rooms with perhaps some more formal dining spaces. We want exercise rooms and meditation rooms. We want to rent a room for our grandchildren to stay in. We just want to have fun!


If you have ideas about what seniors need and want, please let us know and we’ll share your responses!

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