I once described the design world as “the tyranny of modern”. The only projects (in every category) that were being published were minimal white spaces with pops of bold colors. The next trend to hit the magazines was what I called “Expensive Brooklyn Rustic”. Alongside the white projects, there were now projects with exposed rustic wood planks. Never mind that splinters attacked people in the elevator of the newish Pérez Art Museum in Miami, rustic was in.

This makes me think, what’s next? I predict that “traditional” is going to be appreciated rather than trashed. Gorgeous detailing adds character to a space. However, rather than the cloyingly sweet or dark vibe from the old version of traditional, my more eclectic tastes will incorporate modern art and lighting, a broad color palette, and a lighter feeling overall. Eclectic isn’t just a random mash-up of old and new. It is using all of the tools in our designers’ tool belt to create a feeling or an environment that works for the people who use the space.

What do the experts say about design trend forecasting? Here are some links to some of the well-known Trend Forecasters. Enjoy!

  • Pantone Color Institure (US) –
  • Scarlet Opus (England) –
  • lidewij edelkoort (Netherlands) –

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