Design Your Home for Outdoor Entertaining

Photography by Matt Delphenich

This project has all five elements that help make outdoor spaces work for entertaining:

1. Easy access to the indoors for a good circulation to/from kitchen and indoor entertaining spaces, not to mention access to 2 powder rooms.
2. Visual Interest such as a modern layout of stone, grass, and plantings (as opposed to one material such as paving throughout)
3. Ground that is firm enough for tables to lean on without sinking, even in grassy areas.
4. A fireplace or fire-pit to keep bugs at bay and warm guests and hosts during cool evenings
5. Architecture that helps the space feel safe, private, and comfortable. The wings of the pictured house create a sense of enclosure without feeling enclosed. Remember, gatherings are more fun when there is a sense of togetherness. Try to avoid making the space too large.

Most importantly, every outdoor space needs welcoming hosts who make their guests feel at ease

Outdoor spaces should work as well for a few people as they do for a crowd. If a space meets the above criteria, it will. Think about the activities you have planned, and tell your architect and landscape architect/designer (Gregory Lombardi Design was this project’s landscape architect) what you will need. An experienced design team can help make your outdoor entertaining dreams come true!


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