Designing a Stylish Small Home Office

Photography by LS&A

Almost every office worker I know works from home at least some of the time.  The home office used to be the place where you paid bills, checked personal email, and played games.  Now, there’s “real” work to be done at home, and you get paid for it!  For empty nesters with a large home and a few extra bedrooms, this has never been a problem, but for smaller condominiums or small houses, finding the space to work efficiently and happily is not so easy.


Two of our projects have put the home office into a closet (and not walk-in closets).  One in NYC’s East Village, and one in Boston’s Back Bay. In the NYC apartment, the closet was sort of a pantry in the hall between the kitchen and the dining area.  In the Boston apartment, the closet was in a pass-through dressing room leading into the Primary Bedroom. (see photo above). We used bright color, an amazing translucent desk material, set at the perfect height for our client, and a great light fixture, in order to make the space not feel like a closet.  At one point we considered putting in a window into the bedroom but opted for the light fixture instead.


In both projects, gaining a workspace was worth the effort of paring down the storage. The results make our clients want to go to work, and the commute is so fast!


If you are trying to make something stylish and functional out of a closet or a mansion, give us a call!

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