Do you love or fear Robotics and AI

We had the privilege of hearing Mahesh Daas, the new President of the Boston Architectural College, speak about his research related to his recent book, * Towards a Robotic Architecture* (you may purchase by clicking the title above).

He describes a robot as something that can SENCE, then process or THINK then ACT on that thinking. There are 3 types of robots:

  • Biomorphic – look like real things or people
  • Mechanomorphic – look like machines
  • Polymorphic – like transformers

Some of the common robots that we are already so used to having around us that we don’t realize they are robots include

  • Vacuum cleaners like IRobot
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Drones: submersible, flying, delivering.
  • Surgical robots
  • Thermostats – a “nest” can learn!
  • Mars robots
  • Materials fabrication
  • Warehouses robots
  • Libraries (like NC state)
  • Car assembly (i) Robots can build where it’s too dangerous for humans!

Now that we are focused on the paradigm of sustainability, will robotics play a larger role? President Daas says it’s so important that we get involved, that we have to have a seat at the table to help us avoid unintended consequences.

If  Robots are about SENSE THINK ACT.


This is AI that can replace us in the future.

If you are afraid that President Daas, and Andrew Yang are right that AI is coming and it will take away many jobs, perhaps read Towards a Robotic Architecture. You will be amazed and you will be more informed.

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