It’s been quite a winter. It’s hard to avoid daydreaming of warm days lounging beside a pool. Let’s warm up a bit with two recent projects Leslie Saul & Associates worked on recently. This pool takes full advantage of the beautiful setting. Including even just a few natural stones and adding texture to the concrete invites the natural surrounds into the pool area.

Adding a fire pit means you can enjoy the pool almost year round. Even if it’s too cold to swim, you can stay warm next to the fire. It also adds the basic element fire to the water of the pool and the earth of the stones.Note the blue in the stone work and in the cushions. What element does that make you think of?

This pool relies more on geometry to create strong visual impact. The unpainted wood of the bathhouse adds warmth that tempers the straight lines.

A sauna and expansive shower in a Boston waterfront condo.​

Feeling warmer?

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