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Senior Living Design Firms, Home Designers Boston

Senior Living Design firms like Leslie Saul & Associates, architecture and interiors, are dedicated to making life better for the people who made possible all of us. LS&A architecture and interiors is a senior living design firm because of our commitment to designing senior living spaces that are happy, sophisticated and lovely to live in.

Building community with spaces that could have been designed by a restaurant design firm can make the residents, their families and staff proud to be a part of the facility. It is so important to us that our senior living design firm create spaces that look better than a hotel or hospitality space designed for a transient use. We want our senior living design firm to design spaces that will make the residents feel at home. They will live here for the long term, we hope, and we want them to feel comfortable and we want them to take pride of ownership. Our home designers in Boston can make a senior living facility feel like home.

Another important idea for the design of senior living facilities is the idea of choice. So much of the residents’ autonomy has been taken away, so it is important to give as many choices as possible to the residents. Like in Workplace Choice, Senior Living Choice is about offering options that will get residents out of their rooms. There should be social spaces, quiet spaces with fireplaces, art making spaces, music rooms, classrooms, fitness centers and if possible, pools for aqua aerobics. The more active the seniors are, the more likely it is that they will have healthier brains and bodies. Hire a senior living design firm like us, and put the life back into the seniors, their families and staff.

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