It’s Not the Time for Neutrals!

Panda Security; Photography by Elisif Brandon

This was the proclamation from Warby Parker eyeglasses.  I agree with it.  This is not the time for Neutrals! After being somewhat home bound for almost two years, it’s Time for Some Color!

One of my friends who lives in a moderately-sized home on a large lot said that she is feeling like the walls are coming in on her. How is this possible?

How many white walls have you looked at on Zoom or Teams? Who said that your background needs to be neutral? Not me!

Now is the time to paint the room something fun or calm or meditative or energizing. Have you even thought about how your “office” color could be influencing your mood?

How do we help? It can take a lot of work, but we can help you transform the space that you are so tired of into something fun, or sophisticated, or cool. You name it, we interpret it with a custom design.

Start dreaming about the mood or feeling you want to achieve (for yourself and for others who see you virtually) and we can make those dreams come true. Not sure about what you want?  Never fear, we can lead you every step of the way.  Our clients think the process is half the fun.

Let’s get started!

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