Kicking-Off Interior Design Projects

Photography by LS&A

We are sherpas, leading our clients from the “island that is” to the “island of what can be”. According to Bing, Sherpas are very nice, friendly, and helpful people. So are the people at LS&A! (see photo above, showing current and some past team members who are still part of our LS&A family)
We are dedicated to providing architecture and interiors for PEOPLE who work, play, age, live, and learn.


We start by asking our clients to do some homework. They fill out a decision-making chart, a priorities chart, and they read our essay, “Let’s Talk about Money”. These assignments make sure that we are starting on the same page. When we meet for our initial consultation, we talk about what works and what doesn’t work in their existing spaces, and we also discuss their hopes and dreams, including sustainable ideas for protecting the health of the occupants and the planet.


We talk about what success looks like for our clients, so we can work for their success, and by doing so be successful ourselves.


Then we sketch, as we envision what the new space can be. We generate broad concepts, and then we develop the design to include the tiniest details as we continue to refine our collective ideas into the final design package.
We have learned that Open and Continuous Communication is critical to the success of our projects. Together with our clients, consultants, craftspeople, and contractors, we create a collaborative effort that results in timeless and often eclectic designs that can continue to work for our clients for many years.


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