Leslie Saul Reveals Her Favorite Space to Design in a Home

Photography by Matt Delphenich












One of my favorite rooms to design is a space for entertaining.  The image above is a modern entertainment pavilion located off of a traditional house in a historic district in the greater Boston area. It is used for small family gatherings as well as for large events. That means it is in use all the time! Entertainment spaces like this one have great art, great lighting, and a variety of areas in which to chat, lounge, eat, drink, and be merry. The one pictured includes a bar with multiple screens overhead and space for multiple bartenders at an event, a dining table for 10-12 (with additional tables brought in for Thanksgiving), a colorful sitting area for 6, and a cozy conversation pit with fireplace for a casual hang-out for 6-10 (depending on how cozy you want to be!).  The large FSC mahogany and glass doors open the outdoor terraces that accommodate a larger crowd.  Having attended many events there, I think that the variety of spaces and scales really encourages folks to move around and have fun. Even introverts (like my husband) love it. 


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