Money is a sensitive subject. People want it for security, for its buying power, and to do good in the world.  Some people want to hoard it, or to spend it and flaunt it. Some people want to take what is not theirs, while other people want to give it away. Some people brag about how much money they make on a stock or on a bet, but they don’t want to tell you what they’ve lost. Some people tell you that they don’t have any money, while they live a lavish lifestyle. Have you ever asked someone for money? It’s not easy. Some people pay bills electronically within days of getting an invoice, while others need a collection agency to call on them before they pay. One thing that we know about money is that it reveals or demands that you make priorities about what matters to you, and about your confidence in or insecurities about the future. Think about what really matters to you, and then put your money where your priorities are. Is that what being green means?

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