Retail, Showroom, & Restaurant Projects

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Finding a Good Retail, Restaurant, and Workplace Design Firm in Boston and Miami

Restaurant Design:

When you are running a restaurant, you need to keep its décor and interior design up-to-date. In fact, the popularity of your business depends on a modern design that reflects current design trends as well as good functionality. To make the entire design attract the appropriate diners, you need to find a retail design firm near you that will give your place the look it needs with a professional touch, a successful process and an extensive knowledge of materials. If you search for restaurant design firms that specialize in designing restaurants, look for firms that can create a gestalt oneness that reflects both the concept for the food and the experience that diners want. Is Instagram a good source for customers? Are you planning the instagrammable wall that diners can pose in front of for selfies?

Most restaurants struggle to avoid monotonous décor ideas. Repeated and common designs will not attract new customers. If your new restaurant design does not leave jaws dropped, it isn’t doing its job. Also, if your design concept comes from a national or even regional source, the design should be reviewed by a local firm, such as LS&A, to ensure that your design meets local building codes and fire regulations.

Retail Design:

The modern retail design firms focus on creating rare and unique style interiors that will give a place an edge over its competitors. If you hire a firm that has extensive experience designing retail stores, they will help you come up with a retail concept that is in step with current trends and that will attract the right kind of buyers. In some cases the concept and typical store design is done in-house for a national or international chain of stores. Leslie Saul & Associates has been the architect of record for retail design for several international stores. It is important that you examine the design plans of your retail design firm, especially if done for a national chain, to ensure that it meets the requirements of local building codes and fire regulations.

Workplace Design:

At Leslie Saul & Associates, we know that your workplace design should reflect your business brand and your business needs. The more your office reflects the true personality of your business, the stronger odds that you will be able to attract and retain the right employees. If you haven’t already done so, hire a branding firm and a design firm that will guide you through the process from concept through to the completed office. There are many workplace design firms, but we think that Leslie Saul & Associates has a proven track record to help you design and build the right office for your company. You have a great choice of expert professional designers and architects at Leslie Saul!