As we design the interiors for the new mission control center for a telescope that looks into deep space (click here for more information about the Chandra telescope), I reflect on my own love of space…planning, that is. For some people, nothing is better than chocolate. For me, not much is better than the joy of space planning. Space planning combines three-dimensional thinking with two- dimensional planning. We also imagine four-dimensional (time) life – how a person utilizes the space from entrance to “use” to exit over time.

3D thinking is about how to use the space volumetrically. 2D thinking is about adjacencies, code requirements, analysis of what fits in the space. 4D/Time thinking is about how the people use the space over time – including long-term maintenance issues, long-term flexibility of use and long-term appearance and whether long-term thinking is even appropriate. 4D thinking also reminds us of our obligations to society and to planet Earth. First, our goal is to have our projects do no harm, and then we work towards improving life on Earth, if we can. We’re not Amazon, but we can enjoy following Jeff Bezos, who is now working on moving the dirtiest industries to the moon. In a recent New York Times article about Jeff Bezos there was an interesting quote: “Mr. Bezos’ space start-up, Blue Origin, is also making its efforts more public, giving him another stage. The company is trying to rescue Earth by helping to move pollution-belching heavy industries off the planet.” Who knows, space may be the next big development play. I think I’m ready to design the inside of a space vehicle, space station or Moon Colony. That would add a new consideration for me – lack of or low gravity. Wouldn’t site visits be a blast?

Back on Earth, it’s important to realize that a retail pop-up store has different time considerations than a 5-year lease of office space or an heirloom quality private home. A museum might use even a longer- term view of the life of the building/space. Understanding space and understanding client’s needs, then transforming a space to meet those needs is really one of the great pleasures of my life.

If you have challenges with your space, wherever it is, let us use our 3D, 2D, and 4D visualization skills to make life better for you as you work, play, age, live, and learn. Comment below or email me directly at with your thoughts about space or planning in 4 dimensions.​

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