The Importance of Being Well-Lit

Photography by Matt Delphenich




















Lighting is one of the five critical elements of interior and exterior design (form/shape, proportion/scale, color, texture/pattern, and light). We don’t see any design details without good lighting. Once a space or house is designed, we designate important views to both the outside and inside in order to organize the space visually. Lighting a sculpture or an important painting/wall art is a necessity, as is taking away light for a video display area. (I noticed recently that some artists are actually combining painting and video or other technology that will present its own lighting and electrical challenge). Lighting can raise ceilings, lower ceilings, and force your eye to look to a particular area.  I could write a book about lighting.  Get a professional to help you even if your space is not intended for a magazine. With proper lighting, your space will look so much better than you think is possible!

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