Which would you rather read? A design magazine, a novel or a newspaper? For me, the answer is YES! I want to read it all! Each month I try to read, or at least scan, several design magazines, trade publications (gotta get those continuing ed credits), a novel (by the way, you MUST read the political thriller “The People’s House” by a prescient David Pepper, who may have lost 2 elections as a Democrat in Ohio, but who has written a winner), local and national daily newspapers, 2-4 New Yorkers (so hard to keep up) 2-4 CA&EN (my husband’s fascinating Chemical Association magazine), many Harvard Gazettes, and I still feel like I should be reading more. There is always more to learn.

As I’ve gotten older, I am motivated more by people than I am about making a magazine worthy design. My responsibility as a person on Earth is to care about the world and our life on it. As a designer, we can do our small part to design projects that are earth friendly, durable, timeless, and that solve the practical, aspirational and aesthetic challenges that face the people who use and enjoy them. Both the people and their challenges are unique and deserve design work based on more than what’s in this month’s Design Magazine. Design is a tool and a craft. It is not a set of rules or trends to follow.

Inspiration can come from a walk in the woods or in the neighborhood. Inspiration can come from a visit to a museum or a movie or from a great meal. Inspiration can come from what other designers do (are there any new ideas? Don’t try to innovate for innovation’s sake). Inspiration can come from throwing a pot, painting a painting, hand-writing a note to a friend in need, composing a song or just playing music. Inspiration can come when you’re not trying, when you’re reading a political thriller or today’s paper, or even when you read your husband’s scientific journal.

So keep reading, walking, writing, painting, listening and be open to inspiration. And if you need help solving some of your challenges, call us.

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