We specialize in designing for people, their families, friends, co-workers, and their communities who

  • Work in offices
  • Play in retail showrooms, shops and restaurants
  • Age in senior living and community centers Live in houses and condominiums
  • Learn in Institutions of higher learning, including libraries and places of worship Our focus is on building-in what you want and need in your life, while considering the needs of your community and our planet.

Good architecture and interiors can help you build a better life.

We search for the sweet spot within the three constituencies: the wants and needs of the individual, the community/planet, and good design. This simple process applies to every project whether it is for people who work, play, age, live or learn.

It is important to us to build real life into every project. That means that we don’t create pristine minimalist spaces that no one feels comfortable in, or which look terrible if you leave your sweater on the back of a chair, or leave your blender on the counter. Real life is sometimes messy, and real buildings needs to accommodate the mess, and hold up to hard use. Yes, we want to design a place for everything, so that you can enjoy your life without the stress of seeing the mess everyday…but we also want to be realistic about real life and not pretend that we don’t need our favorite “things” around us.

Get real…design with life built-in.​

The psychological benefits of giving up on cleaning and embracing the mess — by Tim Hartford

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