What Makes a Space Luxurious?

Photography by Matt Delphenich

Luxurious spaces are not dependent upon how much money you spend on them.  You are probably well aware of the spaces you have seen in magazines or on celebrity feeds that may look expensive but are not luxurious. You wonder why they spent all that money and ended up with something less than stellar.

Another way to consider this is through fashion. Have you ever gone to a fancy charity event and the most interesting outfit is not necessarily the most expensive in the room?  Or have you admired a creative piece of jewelry that has no precious gems in it? Are you sure that the T-shirt under that Chanel suit is from Chanel, or could it be from Target?

Spending more does not guarantee success, and spending less is not a crime.  Creativity and imagination are the most valuable tools of the designer.  If you want a space to look luxurious, think about texture, touch, lighting, color.  Think about the most important elements of the design, and spend your dollars there, while moderating the budget for less important and less noticeable features.

The image above shows a refresh of a great room in New England.  The window seats, the dark blue chairs and the ottoman were re-upholstered rather than bought new.  The sofa, art and accessories were bought new, and a new rug in the new color palette was made custom.  We also updated the paint colors. Some of these items were very expensive, some moderate, and the sconces were free (we kept the existing).  Don’t throw things out just because they are old.  Reuse and repurpose and refresh. (now if we could figure out how to that for my wrinkles…)

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