Your office misses you!! Worried about returning to work?

Your office misses you! Worried about returning to work?

Here are our top tips about making your office space safer and healthier:

• Take your temperature every day. If it is elevated or you just don’t feel good, stay home!

• Wear a mask when you commute and while you walk around the office. Wear it properly.

• Ask for live plants in every area. They help clear the air of carbon dioxide and smelly cleaning solutions, while also making us feel better. Also ask your facilities manager if the ventilation system has HEPA filters installed.

• Add Plexiglas or glass dividers above tables or low panels, to separate workers who sit across from each other, and occupy in a check-board fashion to avoid exposure side to side.

• Bring your own drinks and food. Do not refill from communal water coolers, refrigerators or pantries.

• Keep hand sanitizer in your pocket and ask your facilities manager to provide touch-less dispensers at all entrances and exits and at doors to bathrooms. Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently

• Continue to conduct meetings via Zoom or WebEx or Teams, even though all participants are in the office.

Enjoy being back in your beautiful, ergonomic offices. If these adjectives don’t describe your office, please call us! We can make your office one of your favorite places to be.

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