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Synagogue Renovation Architect Boston and Miami

Whether you work for a large institution of higher ed, or for a small pre-school, Leslie Saul & Association, architecture, and interiors can help you create a specialized learning environment for your students. Our higher ed design team has worked with both private and public institutions of higher education, with a focus on libraries, classrooms, administrative offices, and living areas such as dorms as well as faculty and presidential housing. Every college and university is unique in its offerings, its culture, and its students. We specialize in the right design for each project, whether it is a “wow” jewel for the campus, or whether it is back of the house. Our higher ed team will lead you through a process that will help you prioritize and balance the budget, schedule, complex program requirements, and politics of every project. We bring large groups to consensus, resulting in projects that are better received and fully utilized.

Another type of space that people learn in and create a community in, is the religious institution. Our synagogue renovation architects and church design teams work to transform outdated religious facilities that often suffer from deferred maintenance, into revitalized facilities that often result in revitalized congregations. We lead a process that brings large groups to consensus and builds community. We help you set priorities and help you make the thousands of decisions that will result in a project that meets your budget, schedule, and programmatic requirements. As your synagogue renovation architect and synagogue renovation interior designer, we strive to make your new space reflect the current and future congregation, while incorporating accessibility and inclusion for all. We can be the best synagogue renovation architect, having worked with Modern Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Un-Orthodox congregations. No matter what your religious persuasion, you and your congregation deserve good design and a good design process with an experienced synagogue renovation architect and synagogue Interior Design Firm like Leslie Saul & Associates, architecture and interiors.


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