If you have read any of my posts, you are probably sick of hearing about our five practice areas: providing architecture and interiors for people who work, play, age, live and learn. Recently, I’ve been wondering what the benefits are to our clients and to our staff. The obvious benefit to our staff is that the practice is never boring. However, the added benefit is less obvious. We have had to learn to be nimble and agile. Think about this. A typical retailer (our “play” category) changes its store design seasonally. Yes the basics stay the same, but we are designing spaces that can accommodate rapid change. A typical office client (our “work” category) is designed to last 5-10 years. Our designers are masters at finding the right materials, finishes, furniture, as well as the right space plan that will last the clients for 5-10 years. Now think about our institutional clients, like colleges, universities, houses of worship (our “learn” category), who need our designs to last 50 years. These projects need our expertise to find long lasting materials, an understanding of long-term maintenance issues, and also more timeless designs that have a chance of looking good for as long as possible. A retailer must be trendy, but an institutional client must be timeless. That doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little fun on the institutional projects, since we know that there will probably be a recarpet and repaint happening once or twice in the 50 year project span.

Through working in these broad practice areas, Leslie Saul & Associates staff learn how to be nimble, agile, and flexible. We are also knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t for each client type. How does this “architectural yoga” benefit our clients? Ask them! Many clients who hire us for their office space, then take us home, or refer us to their church/synagogue or senior center. LS&A is about all of life! Life with design built in.

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